Fighting Fear: Through Surrender

INTRODUCTION: As I began thinking of this topic, I knew I had to ask Linda. To me, she is a quiet warrior. She loves her husband and family well. There are things she faces that often times, heaven is the only one to hear of it. One Sunday, I was able to sit next to...

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Fighting Fear: The Fear of Failure

INTRODUCTION: As you all know, I decided to spend the month of June focusing on fighting fear. I think fear is something we all struggle with. Today, my oldest sister, Rachel, is sharing her thoughts. Rachel has always been not only one of my closest friends, but she...

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Fighting Fear: With the Opposite of Fear

Introduction: This month's theme has been Fighting Fear!  Today, my dear friend, Connie, is sharing her thoughts on fear. Connie is one of my heroes. No matter what she goes through, she strives to be more like Christ and it is evident. To be truthful, she...

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Fighting Fear: The Fear of Being a Parent

Introduction: I met Emily through a mutual friend. We used to work at the same company. If I am being completely honest, I was a little jealous that she got to work on the same floor as my friend. They were always around each other, but they never made me feel left...

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Fighting Fear: The Power of Truth

Introduction: This month I have been focusing on the topic Fighting Fear. Today's blog comes from one of my dearest friends. She and I met in Bible college, and have remained dear friends. Our main communication has been through handwritten letters- yes, letters! We...

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Fighting Fear: When I Walk Through the Valley

Introduction: I do not remember the day I met Katie. So many of my childhood memories have her in them. We grew up in the same church. Our parents were in leadership. Katie and her family have impacted me in ways I never knew possible. Their faith through the hardest...

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Fighting Fear: My Greatest Fear

Introduction:  For the month of June, I decided to launch a series called Fighting Fear. Each week you will hear a testimony from one of my friends. Today, you will hear from Paula Denny. I have known Paula as long as I can remember. We were both Pastor's kids. I...

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Fighting Fear: How God Pushed Me to be Fearless

Introduction: Heidi and I became friends while I was at Bible College. She was my mentor during the school year and was my head counselor during summer camps. We had our ups and downs during that year, but the friendship we share is one I cherish deeply. Heidi is...

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Fighting Fear!

Fear: A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. Fear can drive us to do all kinds of things: spend money we don’t have, isolate ourselves, and even stop living...

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