Tears are brave For they show the love we crave 
Tears are brave!

When we see a loved one in the grave
Tears are brave! 
Tears are brave 

When we become open after our temptation we cave 

Tears are brave 

We confess before a holy God we misbehave 
Tears are brave 

Through disappointments, hurt , and in our life unplanned shockwaves 
Tears are brave! 
Tears are brave, so let them fall 

Through our shed tears we will eventually stand tall! 
Tears hold our healing and restored hope! 

Tears are through this tough life we cope! 

Tears are brave, don’t let the world to you lie

For it is when we cry we show our need for the one who died. 
So grab a tissue and feel the warm wet sensation roll! 

Because even in our tears we know the one in control! 

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