Project Growth was moving into the next phase: off paper to on the ground. Since we had been working with several countries, Mr. Rity would be picking the country into which we would be testing this project. We would have to report to the Field Representatives in the country of Arthur Rity’s choosing. Monday morning Arthur Rity’s secretary informed us that he would like Confusion, Faith and I in his office. This was the moment everything started to feel real. We were finally stepping out and actually going to apply what we had only discussed, planned and researched for months. 

Mr. Rity said, Please, have a seat. After spending much time speaking with our different Field Representatives, I believe the best place to test this project is New Zealand It was hard for me to contain my excitement. I thought for sure it would be Dubai or India. 

After our meeting with Mr. Rity, Confusion, Faith and I all spoke with the company’s travel agent and admin in order for them to handle all the travel arrangements and visas. Because we had been working on this project Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, I was doing my other work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The work on Tuesdays and Thursdays consisted of scheduling events, employees and volunteers to build community relations. I would need to make sure my tasks were covered while I was gone. We would be gone for a month; needless to say, I had a lot to do. I made sure to inform Worry, Fear and Condemnation about my upcoming trip! Fear was reminding me of everything I might need. She got a little excessive like telling me to bring a lipstick taser just in case I became a hostage. I quickly reminded Fear that I would be arrested by airport security if I was caught carrying a lipstick taser.
In the midst of the chaos of getting ready for this trip, Faith and I kept meeting. One Wednesday night, on the way to grab some coffee, Faith told me, invited Peace. TONIGHT?!?! I exclaimed. Yes!she said. Why didn’t you warn me? I am not even dressed cute! I said while trying to spruce myself up. If I told you, you’d overthink it. He is really looking forward to meeting you! Lighten up and live a little. Sometimes we don’t always have hours to prepare. You always have to be ready to jump out on a limb Faith said. Well, there is nothing wrong with looking cute while we are taking a leap I said. We both looked at each other and began laughing. 
We step into our favorite coffee shop: A Latte Roast. The minute I walked in I saw a surprisingly handsome man. My heart started to beat faster. I thought to myself, if that is Peace, Faith is going to hear an earful from me! Sure enough, it was! He was tall, had dark hair and green eyes. He was quite muscular and I could tell upon our initial greeting he had a very winsome demeanor! We arrived at 7:30pm. When I looked down at my phone to check the time- it was 10:42pm! How did so much time pass? Faith was right. Peace was an extraordinary guy! He was so down to earth and so polite to everyone. He was sincere and compassionate, yet he also had a confidence about him. Although Faith and Peace had been friends for such a long time, they both made me feel as if I had always been a part of their friendship. These friends were so different from the ones I had grown up with. Faith, Peace and I made a plan to have dinner on Friday. I left that night with an un-satiated desire to know them both more. And yet, I felt filled with such warmth and contentment by my new found friendship.
When Friday rolled around, I still had so much left to do but I was NOT about to miss the dinner Faith had invited me to. Plus, Peace was going to be there! The plan was to meet for sushi at 7:00pm. I love sushi and to go with such amazing friends- it could not be missed! I also had a little more time to get ready, but I felt accepted by them both whether I had on freshly ironed clothes and contained curls; or, if I had been wearing the same clothes all day and my hair looked more like it had been in a
hurricane than in a curling iron! Because of the trip and running errands, I showed up a little frantic and 5 minutes late, but once I sat down and started talking to Peace
and Faith, I calmed right down. Being around them was unlike anyone else I had been around. When I spoke with Condemnation, Fear and Worry we’d get ourselves all worked up and it would sometimes take hours to calm myself down. With Peace and Faith, their presence immediately calmed my anxious thoughts. The dinner was wonderful and we stayed so late that the waitress had to ask us to leave. I knew I would be so tired the next day, but it was worth it!  
As I was driving into my driveway, I received a text from an unknown number: I hope you made it home safely. Thanks for coming to dinner. It was great to see you
again –Peace. Now he did it I thought! When a handsome man sends you an unexpected text at night- you don’t get much sleep. There is entirely too much excitement and planning going on in your head! But thankfully because I had entirely too much to do for the trip, I ended up falling asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow!