My Dear Child,

Before I begin I want to remind you how much I love you! And I mean you! Right now I am talking to you, so don’t worry about what others are doing or how others are thinking or how others are feeling. I see the pain you’ve endured. I see the battle that you’re facing and I know the struggle you are trying so hard to overcome, but in the midst of all this chaos remember: I AM HERE! I am with you! You may have suffered rejection, but I was rejected for you. You may have been hurt, but I was hurt for you. You may have been slandered, but I was slandered for you. And remember that when you’re confused and wanting to give up, I am the anchor for your soul! I am your answers, your healing, your peace, your perseverance, your strength. All that you need is ONLY found in me! There maybe NO ONE who understands your journey but me. Why? Because I AM the one who created this journey for you. Things may not make sense. You may even think you’re lost, or you’re not going to make it, but I AM HERE! I am the One who guides and directs. I am the one who goes before you. I am the one who guides and creates your next steps.

Maybe you are paused on one step or maybe there are several steps placed in front, but remember, I AM HERE! We are on this journey together. So whether you face heartache, rejection, or uncertainty remember there is always one thing for certain: I AM HERE and I love you more than you could ever imagine! Trust me- I’ve got this situation and I’ve got you! 

Your Heavenly Father