I want to remind you that I see you!
Sometimes you think because you cannot see me that I cannot see you; but, I do see. I hear you and I care about you more than you could ever understand.

When you go through the fire I will be with You! When you go through the waters they will not overtake you! I hold you with my hand! I bear your daily burdens.

When you turn to me and are still, I am the one who fights your battles. When someone messes with you, they are messing with me.

When you hurt, I hurt. I see you dear child! I hear you and I care! No person, no situation, absolutely nothing can separate you from my love. I gave everything I had to have you and I won’t let you go!

So even though you may not see the way clearly, I see it. I will lead you like the shepherd leads his sheep. I will watch over you like a Father watches over his child. I will protect you. And I will love you as my bride. You are mine and I see you. You are mine and I hear you! You are mine and I care for you! You are mine and I love you!

Your Heavenly Father

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