You don’t wait for any man to raise the sun.

It rises it when you say.

You don’t count on men to place the moon at night.

It comes out when you say.

You don’t need a man to oversee the oceans tides.

They go out and in when you say.

You don’t need men to dictate the wind.

It blows and ceases when you say.

We don’t command the morning.

You wake us up each day.

We don’t initiate sunset.

You do that in Your own way.

We are but dust, but You are creator and sustainer. You’re God and there is no other. You’re the beginning and the end. What you say goes and what you say stops, stops. You’re mighty in strength and power.

He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord.Psalm 33:5