So many things can happen in a single day: a wedding, a birth, a death, a terrorist attack, a promotion, or a life altering injury. The list goes on… Each event, each season we walk through can be similar to another person’s, but for each person it is unique.

My personality, my perception, my emotions will not be identical to yours. We are created, uniquely, and sustained, uniquely.

I’ve been thinking about the God’s sustaining power. No matter what anyone of us face, He is able to sustain us. This doesn’t mean we won’t shed tears. Or that we won’t be heartbroken, or we won’t experience the range of emotions each season, and trial brings. It does mean that He will sustain us through it.

 “Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me” Psalm 54:4 NIV

The Greek word for is: Camak. Which means: to lean, rest, support, put, uphold, lean upon, brace oneself, sustain, refresh, revive.

It means that when life is too overwhelming, we can draw on Jesus’ strength. He is the one who helps us stay the course. He is the one that lifts our head. He holds us up when the load of life seems crushing to our fragile bodies, and fragile souls.

Often times, in the midst of our trials, suffering, and heartache, we don’t feel much. The only feeling we experience is desperation. Like a marathon runner, who is only at mile twelve, whose hit a physical wall. And, there are still 14.2 miles left to run. We begin doubting whether we will be able to finish the race set before us.

But it’s when we come through the other side and think, “I don’t know how I made it”, we see it was God’s hand sustaining us. God’s hand guiding us. God’s hand holding us.

It’s the times when we feel as though we have no strength. The times we’re running low on hope, and feel as though we are empty. It is then, that God wants to prove his sustenance to you.

Many times, hardships come into our lives to show us God is able. God is willing. His love for us is greater than any heartache we experience. Our wounds are deep, but His love is deeper. It is in the times of deep despair that we find a comfort unlike any comfort the world could offer.

It is almost as if God kneels down beside our fetal curled body and holds us. He catches the tears. He holds us so close those broken pieces stay in place. He, the God of heaven and earth, cares for our hurts, pains, and wounds. He may not give us the answers to our question, but He gives us His presence in the midst of our worlds crashing down.

He is the Sustainer of our lives. He is the one who carries our biggest heartaches, but also our daily burdens. He will fight for us when we are unable to fight. He gives grace when our souls feel marred beyond recognition.

So if this is a season of great loss, deep disappointment, or life changing pain, remember, you are on alone. Let the tears come. Let the hurt out.

We have a heavenly Father who is beside us and is not afraid of those ugly cries. He is not afraid of our deepest wounds. He is our Sustainer and is the Lifter of our weary head. Hold on dear friend, and even if you can’t, He is still holding on to you, and will never let you go.