I love the song “This Christmas”. I was realizing as I was looking at pictures of some of my friend’s Facebook posts why I like this songs so much.

Last Christmas, I had people in my life that I did almost everything with. Prayed, cried, did outreach, laughed, you name it. I was in a different state. Working at an organization that is still dear to my heart. Those who were in my life felt like family. We were almost always together. Then so much changed.

Isn’t it kind of ironic that as soon as you begin to feel settled, God stirs the pot. We can never anticipate the change but God can!

So, as I was on Facebook, and I remembered how I used to look at pictures of my family when I was away from home.

Then I thought of a family who had 3 sisters and one of the sister decided to commit suicide. I also thought of my friend whose brother committed suicide. We don’t know what’s ahead. We only have today. Life is short.

Maybe this year marked the year of a breakup. Maybe this year you’ve been going through divorce. Maybe this year marks the end of a job, friendship or health. Maybe you have a loved one who was once healthy and now is slowly fading before your eyes. I don’t know your situation, but I do know that these things happen and happen all the time.

So, This Christmas, take time. Take time with those around you because honestly we never know if it’s their last or our last or if next year they will be apart of our lives.

 This Christmas, take time to spend with Jesus because through all the ups and the downs, He is present. He goes with us as we walk this adventure called life.

This Christmas, be present. Don’t think about the past. Don’t worry about the future, be present. I heard a quote this month by Michael Card. He said, “The enemy will try to pull you into the past with regret; into the future with fear, all because it’s only in the present where we can meet with God”

So This Christmas, I am going to soak up time with those around me. Life is short and I want to be present for it all!

Merry Christmas Dear Friends! Thank you for being listening ear this year. You have helped more than you know! 🎄