I was forsaken
completely alone
My life was shaken
Without one unturned stone

I lay shivering in a cold alley.
Hoping to die
I had no dignity – I would have no grand finale
I had no hope to even try

It was a rainy night
Like it was so many times.
I was soaked, bitter, this was my plight.
So broken and poor I didn’t even have two dimes

I looked up to see a man.
What a weird fellow
“Just go away. You’re in the forgotten land”

Rude, angry and fierce I was
Living on the street teaches you this
I couldn’t even remember who I was ’cause
I only remember this: the opposite of bliss

“Please take my jacket”.
I have no money can’t you see?
“No, it’s for you and so is this packet”.
What is wrong with this man, who could he be?

I looked for the cameras
I knew this was a set up
Then He wished me well in a way that seemed amorous
This felt like a reverse holdup
The next morning I woke up warmer.
I still had the jacket and a the slight presence hope
But I knew when I saw a charmer
That how I ended up here, by someone letting out an enticing rope
You see I had been wooed
I had been treated well
Like a baby I saw that cooed
I, for a devil, fell
This man was after something
I knew the scheme
They treat you well till they see what you bring
You get stuck and then have no voice to scream

And now, I was trash
I was left out to die
I had earned him his cash
And more clients who buy
I was worthless.
I had been used and abused
My pimp dropped me off with a smile so mirthless
My body would heal but my soul forever bruised
So why should I care?
Someone gave me a gift so what!
They don’t understand they just stare
Like I had a wide open wound – a massive cut
But then approaching I saw him
He came with new clothes.
Listen, I’d rather die than face that life so grim.
No I don’t want anything just for your old clothes to dispose.

Shocked and confused.
I changed behind a dumpster
My uncertainty still not diffused
I bet he thinks I’m some dumb youngster
I stepped back into the alley,
Only to see his eyes
So kind, like he knew of my valley
Can he see through my disguise?
He left food then walked away with a smile
Where was he going?
Did he walk? If so was it more than a mile?
Why did I feel like this was love he was showing?
Another week of provision and still I did not know his name.
He was gentle, kind, consistent and gracious.
He looked normal like he never knew fame
I never felt that he was predacious.
I woke up one morning to a wooden shelter over me
And right in front of me a warm breakfast
I knew my mystery man saw my unspoken plea
But no one did this here- This was the worst part of Texas.
Warm blankets, soap, shampoo
Toothbrush, hairbrush,
and enough toiletries for two.
I finally saw him again, and asked him what was his rush?
I’ll tell you that soon
Enjoy what you have I’ll bring more tomorrow
Now he brought a plate, fork and spoon
With a 3 course meal and the recipe for dessert he had to borrow
I saw you in need
I saw you with no hope
I saw you without food to feed
I saw you in need of someone to cope
I did not talk for I knew you were wounded
I gave you space because for you, true love had been tainted
Your life and security was apprehended
I knew you felt gone – your courage had fainted
Before I could talk, you needed provision
Before I could show you love, you had to relearn
By another your life had been driven
I knew you’d need a little encouragement before you could make a U-turn
Now, I want you to slowly stand to you feet
I will not harm you
I have made your housing complete
Here are the keys for a house and a car too

The tears streamed down my eyes.
Who was this man?
I could not keep them dry
This life is new and with me you can

You can dream
You can hold your self esteem
You can live
You can forgive

You see I see your beginning and the end
I want you to know I want to be your closest friend
I still saw when you felt alone
And for your sins I have atoned

You’re washed clean
My love is here you have tangibly seen
Your scars are there but the pain is no more
Your relationship with me is not a chore

You are my child
And now you have been reconciled
The one I’ve always seen
To me you’re my beloved, my love, my queen

I have taken your sin as far as the east is from the west!
I have in mind for you the very best!
I delight in you!
I have fought for you!
When you could not see me,
I paid for your debts
When you could not hear me
I took on your threats
I fought and and worked for you alone
Into your darkness I shone.
I never allowed the enemy to come near.
Now, you don’t have to live in fear
You are worth it and i’d do it all again!
I am true and I am your friend
If you only knew how I loved you so much
It was at that I had our first touch

I hugged him and wept
Into my pain and brokenness he stepped
He set me free and sacrificed his best
I let my head fall into his strong chest

I can never repay you
He said no need
I don’t know how to thank you
Just go tell others who are in need

Tell them I see their pain
Tell them I understand their walk
Tell them I am sovereign and in patience I refrain
Tell them they’re welcome in my flock
Life hasn’t always been the easiest
But I now know one who is good
I pray my life is marked by obedience
Because I was met by someone who said that he could rescue me and he could!

That’s exactly what he did
He saw me as his lost kid
He pulled me out of the mire
And to Him be the glory, honor, power and Him only do I pray I admire!