If you are a mom, you are my hero! If you chose to start a grueling 9 month of pregnancy (or years of waiting for adoption) you are my hero!

This summer I have the opportunity to watch several kids:
some are family, some are friends. I quickly realized this is no easy feat and there is so much pressure (I don’t understand all of the pressure, but I can imagine). Are they clean? Are they learning enough? Should I help them do more? Then on top of that you have to care for the house, apartment or living space- And a husband!

How do you do it?!?! If you are a mom, you are one of the most selfless human beings on this planet! You sacrifice your body, your time, your quietness,a normal 9-5 job, your enjoyments, hobbies, and having normal adult conversations. You sacrifice everything all for someone else! Someone else who, at the time, may or may not even grasp how much of a sacrifice you are making!

You do the same tasks over and over: get them dressed, feed them 3 times a day (more if there is snacking), you clean up, you teach them their ABC’s and 123’s, you wash them and put them to bed. You do this knowing all too well that tomorrow will start all over again!

Not only that, our society tends to think that Moms have it easy because they “stay at home”. If they only spent a day in your shoes they would quickly stand corrected!

So let’s recap: Moms sacrifice their life for someone else’s, get looked at poorly by the majority of society and rarely get appreciated because their kids are too young to realize! It sounds a lot like walking in Jesus’ shoes! He did miracles and rarely was he thanked (In my book laundry washed, folded and put away is a miracle in itself šŸ˜‚!) The people closest to him didn’t realize the sacrifice he was making , and the majority of society thought very little of him. On top of that he would have to explain himself over and over to those around him what he was doing, and why he was doing it. Jesus- like you-  daily lived out sacrifice!

If you are a mom and you are reading this, I want to thank you! Thank you for your sacrifice! It’s because of Mom’s like you that this world has had the privilege to know men like William Wilberforce who sacrificed the majority of his life to abolishing the slave trade. Or women like Mother Teresa, or Gladys Alward who dedicated and sacrificed their lives to be moms to orphans. Where do you think they learned sacrifice from? Most likely their moms or whoever helped raise them!

Please do not give up! I know it’s hard but I believe when we all get to heaven, it will be the moms who sacrificed for their children that have the biggest mansions!

I would like to dedicate this blog to my mom Jennifer who has lived a life of sacrifice, love and perseverance and to my sisters: Rachel, Linda, Stephanie, Danielle and Rachel #2. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being my heroes! šŸ’—